My name is Alistair. 



I want to help you. 




Trust Chiropractic Clinic

Integrity                    Alignment                Connection

I care about...

Truth, nature, health, vitality, family, community, connection, beauty, simplicity, fun, learning, congruity, contribution.

And also: music, bicycles, good food with good people, movement, the moon, the stars, this world, wide eyed wonder, personal evolution, dancing, films, art, singing, quality not quantity, laughter, philosophy, mystery.

Welcome to our happy healing space!

Surrounded by green hills and gardens, our beautiful studio has been designed to be a comfortable, inviting, and natural healing space for you. 

My desire was to create a fun, relaxed, community environment in which to spend my time, where you can receive the best care that I can offer.

I feel so lucky to be able to work from this incredible place, located on a street aptly named Valley View. 

“After one visit I was already feeling better! I felt taller and could breathe easier. My pain was much reduced too. Alistair is a voodoo man!”

- Thiago

Contact us

 E-mail: info@trustchiropractic.com

Address: 19 Valley View, Clovenfords, TD13NG

Telephone: 07906458018